Honors C.S.

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Honors C.S.

Department: Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Total Credit Hours: 18-21 credits

Approved Courses

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General Education Requirements (0 credits)
Core Course Requirements (18-21 credits)
Honors-only courses - Minimum 3 In these classes, students will explore course topics unique to the Honors Program. These courses are interdisciplinary in nature and are team-taught by members of 2 disciplines. (For example, History and English or Psychology and Political Science.) Students will take these courses with other Honors students. Honors-only courses will count for at least 1 general education course. Honors-only courses can be taken for general education courses or as electives. 18-21
Honors-contract courses - Minimum 3 These courses give students the option to earn Honors credit in subjects they choose. Students will enroll in a regular sections of classes but will "contract" with their professors for Honors credit by doing special projects, papers, or presentations.
Total Required Hours: 18-21 credits

* To earn an Honors certificate, students must complete a minimum of 3 Honors-only courses (9 credit hours) and a minimum of 3 Honors Contract Courses (9-12 credit hours). Alternatively, students may take additional Honors-only courses in place of the Honors Contracts to achieve a minimum of 18 credit hours of Honors coursework.

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