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Contact Us

Visit the college's directory for a full list of employees, or contact someone from the lists below for your academic program area of interest. 

Accounting 636-922-8718
Adult Education & Literacy 636-922-8411
Agriculture 636-922-8622
Anthropology 636-922-8552 
Art 636-922-8332 
Biology 636-922-8697
Business Administration 636-922-8718
Business Technology 636-922-8427
Chemistry and Biochemistry 636-922-8652
College Development 636-922-8666
Communications 636-922-8327
Computer Science 636-922-8645
Computer Science – Computer Programming 636-922-8645
Computer Science – Database Management 636-922-8645
Computer Science – Management Information Systems 636-922-8645
Computer-Aided Drafting 636-922-8645
Community Education 636-922-8721
Criminal Justice 636-922-8497
Culinary 636-922-8722
Economics 636-922-8718
Education 636-922-8280
Emergency Medical Science 636-922-8283
Engineering 636-922-8645
English Language and Culture Institute 636-922-8574
English/Literature 636-922-8245
Exercise Science 636-922-8291
Foreign Language 636-922-8327
General Technology 636-922-8531
Geography 636-922-8497
Graphic Design 636-922-8427
Health Occupations 636-922-8573 
History 636-922-8497
Information Technology 636-922-8645
Intensive English 636-922-8574
Mathematics 636-922-8692
Medical Assisting 636-922-8720 
Medical Billing & Coding 636-922-8720 
Multimedia &Web Development 636-922-8427 
Music 636-922-8729
Nursing 636-922-8287
Nursing Bridge Program 636-922-8287
Occupational Therapy Assistant 636-922-8458 
Performing Arts 636-922-8729
Philosophy 636-922-8497
Physics and Geology 636-922-8652
Political Science 636-922-8497
Practical Nursing 636-922-8287
Psychology 636-922-8552 
Reading 636-922-8245
Sociology 636-922-8552 
Theatre 636-922-8729
Workforce Readiness 636-922-8531
Applied Linguistics & Global Studies 636-922-8574



School of Adult Education and Literacy, ESL, & Continuing Education

Dean: Mandy Rose

Departments Department Contact Administrative Assistant
ESL, ELCI, Global Studies, Applied Linguistics Dawn Huffman, Academic Program Coordinator Susan Wagener


School of Mathematics & Sciences

Dean: Mara Vorachek-Warren
Assistant Dean: Katie Piacentini

Departments Department Contact Administrative Assistant
Mathematics Cheryl Eichenseer, Department Chair Vickie Dickey
Biology Nicole Pinaire, Department Chair Charlene Jones
Chemistry, Physics Beth Michael-Smith, Department Chair Charlene Jones
Exercise Science Mara Vorachek-Warren, Department Chair Vickie Dickey


School of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences

Dean: Greg Bosworth
Assistant Dean: Dana Prewitt

Departments Department Contact Administrative Assistant
English, Literature, Reading Audrey Lane, Instructional Coordinator Stacie Thomas
Communications, Spanish, French, German Lee Ann Nelson, Department Chair Karen Murray
History, Political Science, Criminal Justice, Geography Dan Rezny, Department Chair Susan Wagener
Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology Marvin Tobias, Department Chair Susan Wagener
Performing Arts Samantha Stavely, Academic Program Coordinator Karen Murray
Visual Arts Dana Prewitt, Assistant Dean Karen Murray


School of Business, Technology, & Workforce Readiness

Dean: Rex McKanry
Assistant Dean: Kim Mercurio

Departments Department Contact Administrative Assistant
Accounting, Business, Economics Steve Oberg, Department Chair Ronda Sackett
Computer-Aided Drafting, Engineering, Computer Science, IT Garrett Foster, Department Chair Ronda Sackett
Business Technology, Multimedia & Web Development, Graphic Design Cory Mack, Department Chair Ronda Sackett
Industrial Trades Pat Penning, Academic Program Coordinator Ronda Sackett


School of Health Science, Human Services, & Natural Resources

Dean: Jen Bussen

Departments Department Contact Administrative Asssistant
Agriculture John (Joey) Blackburn, Academic Program Coordinator Denise Lammers
Culinary Eric (Mike) Dewes, Academic Program Coordinator Denise Lammers
Education Lisa Faszold, Academic Program Coordinator Denise Lammers
Nursing Beth Bauer, Academic Program Coordinator Denise Lammers
Health Occupations Arje Crawford, Academic Program Coordinator Denise Lammers
Occupational Therapy Assistant Sarah Spaethe, Academic Program Coordinator Denise Lammers