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English as a Second Language

SCC offers non-native speakers the opportunity to participate in a full program to improve their reading, grammar, composition, and speaking skills through credit and non-credit English as a Second Language courses. These courses serve as academic preparation, with some of them also fulfilling general education requirements. The program also offers Intensive English classes for those nearly ready to enter ESL at the college level (TOEFL 50 or above). Those have a prefix of INE instead of ESL.

The following ESL credit courses are offered:

  • ESL 100: College Success for Non-Native Speakers
  • ESL 103/SPE 100: Pronunciation and Communication for Non-Native Speakers
  • ESL 104 (Formerly RDG 104): College Reading for Non-Native Speakers
  • ESL 105: Advanced Conversation for Non-Native Speakers
  • ESL 106 (Formerly RDG 106): Advanced College Reading for ESL Students
  • ESL 107 (Formerly ESL 101): Grammar Review for Non-Native Speakers
  • ESL 108 (Formerly ESL 102): Intermediate Grammar and Composition for Non-Native Speakers
  • ESL 120: Success in Health Care Careers for Non-Native Speakers
  • ESL 199: Study of U.S. community and Culture

Intensive English courses (offered in summer and select semesters)

  • INE 101: Reading and Writing for Non-Native Speakers
  • INE 102: Listening and Speaking for Non-Native Speakers

Non-native speakers need to make an appointment for an ESL interview as part of the placement/testing process, which also includes assessment center testing, possible in-office testing, and a written essay. This appointment can be made by going to the following webpage: www.stchas.edu./internationalappointment. Students should select ESL Interview and then choose to meet with either Dr. Dawn Huffman, Chair of the English Language Institute (Academic English as a Second Language (ESL) and Intensive English (INE) programs), or Meredith Struebing, ESL Specialist. This is best done after the student has applied to the college, tested at the assessment center, and received the ESL essay and testing results. Students who wish to inquire about the ESL and INE programs or who are unable to schedule an interview time may contact Dr. Dawn Huffman, associate professor and Academic ESL/INE chair, at dhuffman@stchas.edu or call 636-922-8574.

For more information about ESL credit courses, contact Dawn Huffman, assistant professor and ESL program coordinator, at 636-922-8574 or dhuffman@stchas.edu.

For more information about non-credit classes, see the English-as-Second-Language page.

ESL-Friendly Courses

The designation ESL Friendly is occasionally given to non-ESL courses that are taught by an instructor trained in ESL teaching methods, with special support and instruction given.

Support Services for Students

The ACE Center has an ESL Learning Specialist and English/Reading Specialists who provides workshops and individual tutoring. Students can also take advantage of reference books for individual study and TOEFL preparation, as well as ESL and other computer programs that may help intensify their experience.

Support Services for Teachers

The ACE Center and the Chair of the ESL Department keep a selection of ESL Textbooks and TESOL materials.

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