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Course Schedules

Credit Class Schedule


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Fall 2020 on-campus schedule (printable PDF)


Spring 2020 credit class schedule (printable PDF)


Course Types:

English as a Second Language

ESL 100   SCC Success and Skills for Non-Native Speakers (3)

Corequisites: Placement into ESL 104(RDG 104), ESL 107 or equivalent skill level, ESL 199 (unless a student has previously attended a semester at a U.S. college and has taken an equivalent course or the student has been a resident for more than two years).

Advanced instruction for non-native speaking students regarding key strategies and skills needed to be successful in an American college, including listening, speaking, note taking, test taking, time management and basic written communication. Student must take the Compass ESL test.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ESL 103   Pronunciation, Communication, and Listening for Non-Native Speakers (4)

Prerequisites: INE 101, INE 102, INE 199 or ESL Chair Placement

Corequisites: ESL 100, ESL 104 and ESL 107

Instruction in pronunciation for non-native speakers. By learning the American style of intonation, rhythm/speech production and syllable stress, students will be better understood and more articulate and expressive. Small group and individual communication activities will focus on speaking and listening. Open to non-native speakers of an intermediate level or above. Student must take the ESL Placement assessment.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ESL 104   College Reading for Non-Native Speakers (4)

Corequisites: ESL 100, ESL 103 and suggested corequisite ESL 107

Directed practice in college reading skills emphasizing vocabulary, comprehension, critical thinking, reading efficiency and reading across the curriculum for non-native speaking students. Student must take the Compass ESL test.  Student may not receive credit for both RDG 104 and ESL 104.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ESL 105   Advanced Conversation and Speaking Skills for Non-Native Speakers (3)

Prerequisites: ESL 103/COM 100 or equivalent skill level and ESL 104 with a grade of C or better

Corequisites: ESL 106 and suggested corequisite ESL 108

This course will include both verbal and nonverbal communication, both small group and public speaking, with three or four graded oral presentations. This course is designed to build speaking and listening skills for non-native speakers who have had some fluency instruction in speaking English, but need guided practice in refining conversation, making presentations and listening in a variety of situations. Other topics to be discussed include self-concept, others' perceptions, and the importance of being able to communicate in a variety of situations. Because this class is aimed at international students and non-native speakers, it will definitely include readings, communication, films and conversation about international and multicultural issues. Student must take the Compass ESL test.  (This course is equivalent to COM 101)

Missouri Higher Education Core Curriculum Transfer (CORE 42) Course Number:  MOTR COMM 100 – Introduction to Communication


Course Type(s): On-Campus

ESL 106   Advanced College Reading for Non-Native Speakers (3)

Prerequisites: ESL 103, ESL 104 (RDG 104) and ESL 100 with a grade of C or better

Corequisites: ESL 105 and suggested corequisite ESL 108

Directed practice in advanced college reading skills emphasizing discipline specific vocabulary, advanced comprehension, higher level critical thinking skills, improved reading efficiency and reading across the curriculum for second-language students. Student must take the Compass ESL test. Student may not receive credit for both RDG 106 and ESL 106.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ESL 107   Intensive Grammar Review for Non-Native Speakers (4)

Prerequisites: INE 101, INE 102 and INE 199 or placement by ESL chair

Corequisites: ESL 100, ESL 103 and ESL 104

College-level review of grammar and vocabulary for ESL students, emphasizing target grammar concepts, sentences and paragraph structure, vocabulary, idioms and reading skills.  Student must take the ESL Department placement test.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ESL 108   Intermediate Composition for Non-Native Speakers (3)

Prerequisites: ESL 107 and ESL 104 (RDG 104) or equivalent with a grade of C or better

Corequisites: ESL 100, ESL 105 and suggested corequisite ESL 106

Advanced instruction for non-native-speaking students in developing college level writing skills in English.  Students will work on essential composition skills, including sentence, paragraph, and essay skills, as well as advanced grammar skills.  Students will also be required to read, discuss and analyze short essays and selections as the foundation of discussion and writing.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ESL 109   Research Writing for Non-Native Speakers (3)

Prerequisites: ESL 105, ESL 106 and ESL 108 with a grade of C or better (ESL 105 can be waived with department approval.)

Students will build skills in composition with a focus in skills necessary for writing research papers: familiarity with using the library, online databases, integrating research into essays, MLA form, while advancing reading skills, grammar, and sentence structure.  Reading and writing assignments will be enhanced with classroom discussion, peer editing, and conferencing. 

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ESL 112   Academic Vocabulary Across the Disciplines (1)

Prerequisites: INE 101, INE 102, INE 199 and ESL 100 or placement into ESL classes

Corequisites: RDG 111 (recommended but not required)

Improve academic vocabulary beyond what is commonly taught in ESL 100. Explore the meaning, pronunciation, collocation and usage of number words in course areas that may be taken as part of general education classes, including science, psychology, math, literature, etc. as well as chosen majors.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ESL 113   Advanced Vocabulary for Special Purposes (for Non-Native Speakers) (1)

Prerequisites: INE 101, INE 102, INE 199 or placement in ESL classes

Corequisites: ESL 106, ESL 108 and ESL 109 (recommended but not required)

Concentration on teaching students vocabulary for one interest or career area, they will delve deeply into the usage, connotations, meanings, spelling and context of specialized words, slang or jargon. Online learning will be included. Recommended to be taken with ESL 299.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ESL 115   Community as Classroom Lab (0)

Corequisites: Corequisite to all classes that begin with ESL/INE prefixes or are cross-listed with classes that have ESL prefixes. Once enrolled in ESL, the students should be automatically put in this zero credit course.

This course includes writing and conversation labs that provide extra practice with difficult classroom concepts, from grammar and vocabulary to fluency and conversation, and in addition features field trips, opportunities for campus interaction, tutoring, guest speakers, independent work in the community, and practice on ESL computer learning platforms. Although some workshops/labs may be required, in this course students may choose opportunities best tailored to their needs and schedules.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ESL 116   ESL Conversation and Current Events (1)

Prerequisites: INE 101, INE 102, INE 199, placement above INE level or department permission

Conversation development based on current events, cultural issues and academic concerns.  Vocabulary, spoken grammar skills and listening comprehension, will be emphasized.  Offered in Spring only.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ESL 120   Success in Health Care Careers for Non-Native Speakers (3)

Prerequisites: ESL 105 or equivalent skill level (department/instructor permission) and ESL 106 with a grade of C or better

Corequisites: ESL 108

For non-native speakers entering health care programs in American colleges. Includes communicating in health care facilities, reading health care textbooks, medical records, and professional literature, learning in labs and clinicals, medical terminology and culture in American health care.

Course Type(s): On-Campus Online Hybrid

ESL 199   Study of U.S. Culture and Community (1)

Prerequisites: Students must take the ESL assessments prior to entry unless this course is the only course they will be taking.

Corequisites: ESL 100 (co-requisite may be waived in some cases)

This course will increase students' awareness of cultural, socio-economic and life style differences between the United States and other countries, as well as provide ample opportunity for non-native speakers to practice speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students will also learn more about the various regions and cultural-ethnic groups in this country. Students will learn new vocabulary and idioms, make an oral presentation, and write a short paper by the finish of the class.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ESL 290   Academic English Practicum (1-4)

Prerequisites: Placement by ESL department chair and a grade of C or better in ESL 105, ESL 106 and/or ESL 108

An immersive experience for students to demonstrate advanced competency with the English language as well as hone their receptive and productive language skills outside the academic environment.  Course will require written and oral reflection through journals and discussions on content learned, and the professor must verify the students’ attendance and participation in the setting where the students are placed.  This English-intensive experience could include volunteer opportunities/exchanges on campus, in the community, or abroad where World English is practiced. Additional language skills acquired outside the classroom will include idioms, conversational skills, cultural competence, and increased vocabulary (even in World English), with expectations consistent with the advanced level (ESL 109/COM 101).  A grade of C is passing, but a B or better is required for this experience to count toward the Academic English certificate. Course could be offered with a service learning option.  In certain cases, the department chair may allow this course to be substituted for one of the required courses in the Academic ESL Certificate.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ESL 299   Academic English for Special Purposes (3)

Prerequisites: ESL instructor or department chair permission

Focuses on practice of all four ESL skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking in a specific area, such as business, culinary skills, etc. Emphasis on application of English skills in mock real-life situations that ESL students may encounter in chosen field. Critical thinking and cultural differences will also be addressed. May be paired with a vocabulary class that addresses special topics as well. Recommended to be taken with ESL 113.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

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