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Certificates of Achievement

Business Administration C.A. (Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, General Business)

New jobs in business are being created every day. People with broad-based business training will have many career doors open to them.

SCC's Business Administration programs begins with the basics. There are general education courses in communication, humanities, social sciences, mathematics and science. The college offers basic business courses to develop knowledge and skills in accounting, economics, finance, marketing and management. Advanced courses are also available in each of these concentrations. This extensive business education will broaden horizons, encourage maturity and enable you to handle unique situations as they arise in your career.

*Options in

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • General Business

Department: Business Administration

Hours: 31-32 credits

Economics Certificates

Retail Banking and Finance, C.A.

The Certificate of Achievement (C.A.) in Retail Banking and Finance program offers the students the study of theoretical aspects in the money and financial markets and how the banking sector could influence the economy. Further, the students are exposed to customer service and business-related subjects that provide the foundation to understand and succeed in the banking industry. This program is designed for entry or advancement in the banking sector careers. The goal is to prepare students for the many challenges of the world of finance, since the role of the modern banker today demands specialized knowledge, flexible job performance, and customer service expertise.

The prospect occupations in the banking sector with this certificate are mainly Bank Manager, Relationship Manager, Internal Auditor, Budget Analyst, Credit Analyst, Loan Officer, Bank Teller, and this certificates lays the ground for future positions as an Investment Banker, Foreign Exchange Trader, Asset Manager, and Equity Analyst which require more specialized certificates but the C.S. in retail banking and finance provides foundational knowledge to eventually take other finance related certificates.

Salary Outlook

Based on information for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the three main sectors in which the above positions fall into is management occupations, business financial operations occupations, and office and administrative support occupations. The first one has mean wage in the state of Missouri of 104,120 USD and employs 157,190 workers; the second sector has a mean wage of 74,780 USD and employs 166,640 workers; the third sector has a mean wage of 40,560 USD and employs 389,580 workers. This last category usually represents the starting jobs in the banking and finance industry.

Economics for Managers, C.S.

This certificate of specialization (C.S.) program provides students with the necessary knowledge on how managers make informed business and financial decisions. Students will gain an understanding of basic economic theory as it applies to practical business decision making, resource allocation issues, accounting practices, international markets, legal considerations, and consumer behavior patterns. This certificate is useful to advance a career, or to gain intuition into business and economic applicable theoretical principles.

In terms of prospect occupations, this C.S. enhances the skills of those who are in managerial positions in their jobs or are looking to broad the skills set to become a manager. This certificate can open the doors to positions in jobs related to retail, banking, finance, marketing, accounting, international management consulting, environmental policy, sustainability consulting, food production and distribution, and agricultural policy.

Salary Outlook

For the state of Missouri, the potential wage earnings for occupations in business and economics related managerial positions in the specific sectors above could be found at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Department: Economics

Hours: 21-31

Business Technology

Certificates of Achievement

Computer Applications C.A.

This certificate program provides the graduate with entry-level skills in computer applications. Responsibilities may include tasks related to word process, spreadsheets, presentations, database management, and desktop publishing. Current computer and technology skills are applied in all areas of Microsoft Office, desktop publishing, and use of the Internet.

Business Technology program representatives assist students with job placement efforts throughout the program. The courses for this certificate may be applied to the Associate of Applied Science degree in the same area.

Department: Business Technology

Hours: 30credits

Customer Service C.A.

This program provides the students with skills necessary to handle customers professionally, effectively, and successfully. You will become comfortable with business communication--written and verbal; improve time management skills; from professional work standards and image; review professional telephone skills; and brush up on keyboarding and computer skills.

Department: Business Technology

Hours: 31 credits

Computer Science

Certificates of Achievement

Data Management C.A.

Databases are used to store, manipulate and retrieve data in nearly every type of organization including business, healthcare, education, government and libraries. Database technology is routinely used by people on personal computers, by workgroups accessing databases on network servers and by all employees using enterprise-wide distributed applications. Managers in all industries seek to use knowledge derived from databases for competitive advantage.

Department: Computer Science

Hours: 31 credits

Desktop Publishing C.A.

This certificate program provides the graduate with entry-level skills as a desktop publisher capable of producing basic publishing documents. Training is provided in many computer software skill areas, page layout, design and management techniques for use in small businesses and home publishing businesses. Current computer and technology skills are applied in all program areas of Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and the Internet.

Work with the Business Technology program representatives for scheduling and job placement assistance at any time during your course work. The courses for this certificate may be applied to the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Administrative Systems.

Department: Information Technology

Hours: 30 credits

Information Technology C.A.

Computer networking programs at St. Charles Community College provide hands-on, skills-based training in state-of-the-art classroom labs. They help to prepare you for the corporate workplace and industry certifications. Learn how to configure, manage, troubleshoot and secure network workstations, servers, routers, switches and networks.

Department: Computer Science

Hours: 35 credits

Multimedia C.A.

What Is Multimedia?

Multimedia has changed the way America works! You will learn the fundamentals of multimedia authoring and design using the latest programs on the market leading to entry-level positions.

Multimedia developers produce and develop CD-ROMs, online training, kiosks and media development using video, audio, programming, animations and graphics. When seeking an entry-level position in this field, it is important to have a "portfolio" containing samples of your best work.

Department: Computer Science

Hours: 31 credits

Programming Languages C.A.

Software development is a foundation of IT departments, and this certificate prepares you for entry-level positions that develop, manufacture and support a wide range of software products.

Operation systems and other system software, productivity software, network software and Internet software are some of the exciting programs that are continuously enhanced and expanded.

Department: Computer Science

Hours: 31 credits

Web Design C.A.

Learn the fundamentals of Web page authoring and design using the latest programs on the market leading to entry-level positions. Companies everywhere need webmasters to compete in today's business world.

Department: Graphic Design

Hours: 31 credits

Criminal Justice

Certificates of Achievement

Law Enforcement C.A.

Complete a minimum of 32 credit hours, including 12 credit hours of general education courses (one course from communication, one course from mathematics, one course from social science, and one course from the electives.

The college grants up to 15 credit hours toward the A.A.S. degree for students who already have completed the 1000-hour course at Eastern Missouri Law Enforcement Training Academy. These credit hours will be granted at the completion of all the other A.A.S. degree requirements. See an academic advisor if you have attended or plan to attend the academy.

Department: Criminal Justice

Hours: 32-38 credits


Certificates of Achievement

Medical Assisting C.A.
Employment of medical assistants is projected to grow 29 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations.

The medical field is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation. As more doctors open new offices or join established practices the need for well-trained assistants increases. Medical assistants are trusted with huge responsibilities, both administrative and clinical. A day’s work may have you scheduling appointments, preparing patients for examination, recording vital signs, arranging hospital admissions, handling laboratory specimens, sterilizing instruments, calling in prescriptions, drawing blood, filing insurance, removing sutures, taking electrocardiograms, and more. Certificate programs prepare you for entry-level employment.

Department: Health Occupations

Hours: 35 credits

Medical Billing and Coding C.A.

One of the most complex processes involved in the practice of medicine is keeping billing procedures and medical records accurate. To ensure that payments are properly billed and paid, the health care and insurance industries maintain a standardized coding system for all diagnoses and procedures. The complexities of this system call for the unique expertise of a billing and coding specialist, a rewarding profession that you can prepare for at St. Charles Community College. When you successfully complete the program, you will have many employment options to choose from. You will be qualified to seek entry-level billing & coding positions in a variety of settings. There may be an option in some settings to work from home.

Employment of health information technicians is projected to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations.

Department: Health Occupations

Hours: 35 credits

Practical Nursing C.A.

The practical nursing program at SCC teaches students to provide direct care for patients through classroom and laboratory work as well as on-site training in hospital, geriatric and other health care settings.  A well-equipped lab at the Center for Healthy Living allows students to practice their skills.

The practical nursing program is fully approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing.

Employment of practical nurses is projected to grow 12% from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are eligible to apply to take the National Licensure Exam for Practical Nurses. However, completion of this program does not guarantee licensure. The state board may refuse licensure to applicants who may jeopardize the well-being of Missouri citizens.

“The Missouri State Board of Nursing may refuse to issue or reinstate any certificate of registration or authority, permit or license required pursuant to this chapter for one of any combination of causes stated in subsection two of this sections. “  (1-14) 1990. RSMo 335.066  

Department: Practical Nursing

Hours: 46 credits


Certificates of Achievement

Global Studies C.A.

This program is designed to enable students to develop a fundamental level of international and intercultural competence, and to prepare them to assume their role in an increasingly complex, interconnected and interdependent world. Additionally, the program will reinforce the four State-Level Skill Area Goals and the four State-Level Knowledge Area Goals of the new General Education structure using an explicit global focus.

Hours: 31-35 credits


Certificates of Achievement

Personal Trainer CA


Hours: 30-31


Certificates of Achievement

Musical Theatre C.S.


Department: Music

Hours: 28


Certificates of Achievement

Baking & Pastry CA

The CA in Baking and Pastry is a 1 year, 30 credit certificate in Baking and Pastry Arts that prepares students for entry level positions in the baking industry. The program provides a well-rounded foundation of baking/pastry skills and knowledge as well as instruction in healthy living and food system sustainability.

Location: Culinary and Agriculture Center, Dardenne Prairie Campus


Contact: Mike Dewes,, (636) 922-8722

Department: Culinary

Hours: 30

Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) C.A.

This certificate provides the student with skills comprehensive enough for entry-level employment in as little as one year. The student is afforded some latitude in upper-level course choices.

Department: Computer-Aided Drafting

Hours: 31 credits

Culinary CA

The CA in Culinary is a 1 year, 30 credit certificate in Culinary Arts that prepares students for entry level positions in the culinary field. The program provides a well-rounded foundation of culinary skills and knowledge as well as instruction in healthy living and food system sustainability.

Location: Culinary and Agriculture Center, Dardenne Prairie Campus


Contact: Mike Dewes,, (636) 922-8722

Department: Culinary

Hours: 30

Entry Level Welding C.A.

Students who earn this certificate have acquired the skills necessary to achieve Entry-Level Welder Certification through the American Welding Society (AWS). If they choose, they can continue study to earn the Associate of Applied Science degree in General Technology with an emphasis in welding.

Department: General Technology

Hours: 34 Credits

Manufacturing Technology C.A.

Prepares students for the modern manufacturing environment and engages them to discover skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the high tech, advanced manufacturing workplace.  Students will also learn about supervisory techniques,  employment strategies, and ways to solve problems in a manufacturing environment.

Department: General Technology

Hours: 38 credits

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