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The ACE Tutoring Center is open 7:30 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 9 a.m. -3:30 p.m. on Friday.

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The ACE Tutoring Center is your best friend at SCC. Whenever you’re feeling lost, unwanted or inadequate – come by and see us. We’ll help you uncover all of the tools and techniques you need to succeed.

Our Mission
The ACE Tutoring Center exists to promote meaningful student learning and academic development in a diverse world through awareness of each student’s context, learning style, and socio-cultural background. Tutors support student success through empowering students to achieve the best educational experience possible by implementing various learning resources and modes.

Book your appointment today. Whether you’ve got concerns about math, science, or English, you’ll be happy that you did.


You can schedule a time to meet with a tutor for a 25-minute session in person or by calling ahead.

While you can schedule up to four sessions per week, you may want to start slow with one or two appointments per week. Appointments cannot be back-to-back.

Appointments will be cancelled for students who are ten minutes late, and the next student waiting will be helped.

Three strikes and you’re out.

Cancellations, no-shows or reschedules waste our time and the time of our students. Try to be punctual and reliable when you book an appointment. 

If a 24-hour notice is given to cancel an appointment, this will not count towards the no shows/cancellations.


If a concept isn’t “clicking” for you, then studying can be fruitless no matter how much time you spend on it. Don’t worry, there’s still hope. We’ll help you break down the core elements of the problems you’re dealing with and make sure you’re not just studying, but studying the right way.


Our science specialists want nothing more than your success. Consider your science credits in the bag as we review important concepts with you and help you visualize them by using models and resources found only at the ACE Center.

English or Writing

At the ACE center we’ll look at both the “big picture” things you can do to make your essay better—your formatting and your main ideas—and we’ll also help you find grammar and logic errors. We’ll sort you out, just bring along your essay and your assignment sheet.

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