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The A+ Scholarship Program provides merit-based scholarships to students graduating from approved Missouri high schools.

Students must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, meet additional eligiblity requirements, and follow the application procedures specified by the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development to qualify.

Get to know A+

  • Tuition and general SCC fees, including student technology fees and student success fees.
  • Courses must be degree-required to be eligible for A+ disbursement. Non-required courses will count toward the full-time requirement, but will not be eligible for A+ disbursement.
  • If you are Pell-eligible, A+ covers only the unpaid balance of your tuition, which may be $0.
  • Tuition reimbursement is capped at the per-credit-hour rate charged by the State Technical College of Missouri and can change annually. The maximum rate for the 2023-2024 academic year was $209 per credit hour.

You may monitor your GPA, completion rate, and other information about your academic progress in Student Self-Service. Communication to students will be made exclusively through SCC email and mySCC alerts.

The A+ Scholarship Program does not cover the following:

  • Textbooks, including e-books
  • Course- or program-specific fees, including science labs, studio art fees, Allied Health, private music lesson fees, et al
  • Repeated coursework in which a grade was received
  • Coursework not required for a student's active degree program
  • Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 eligible credit hours to be considered full-time students in the summer semester.
  • Students cannot use their A+ eligibility as a visiting student during a summer term if they are already enrolled at a four year institution. The ONLY exception is for the summer semester immediately following a student's high school graduation.
  • Due to deadline constraints and heavy volume during the summer registration period, most new A+ students using benefits for a summer term will be on a reimbursement basis. Existing A+ students who have been degree-seeking at SCC throughout the academic year may not need to pay upfront if they meet the enrollment deadlines. 

Yes, but Pell must pay first. The A+ Program covers the unpaid balance of your tuition and general SCC fees (but not course-specific fees, such as lab fees) after all available non-loan, federal financial assistance, such as the Federal Pell Grant, has been applied to your account. This may result in a zero award if your Pell grant is sufficient to cover all tuition and general fee charges.

Students who receive zero awards due to Pell, but otherwise qualify for A+, must meet all A+ renewal requirements to be considered for future A+ awards.

Fall or spring semester: 12+ credit hours 
Summer semester: 6+ credit hours

The A+ Program allows part-time enrollment exceptions for the circumstances outlined below:

  • Enroll in and complete 6+ credit hours in fall/spring semesters; 3+ credit hours in summer semester
  • Submit an ADA letter documenting your exception to the Financial Aid office.

Contact Disability Support Services to determine your eligibility.

Students enrolled in all possible courses for their degree program, after all general education courses have been taken, may be eligible for an A+ part-time enrollment exception. This may include students in specialized programs that only require part-time enrollment within a term (Ex: Associate of Science - Nursing) or students preparing to graduate. Contact Nursing and Allied Health to determine eligibility, if enrolled in a Nursing and Allied Health program. Contact Academic Advising to determine eligibility, if graduating. An application for graduation must also be on file.

No, visiting SCC students are not eligible except during the summer semester immediately following their graduation from high school.

A "repeat course" is any course in which a standard letter grade (A, B, C, D, F, P, R, I) was previously received. Repeat credit hours will count toward the full-time credit hour requirement. The A+ Program does not pay for repeat courses unless you are repeating a course previously completed in high school. These courses will only be approved if they are degree-required and enrollment and attendance are verified.

The date is used to verify enrollment and course eligibility for the purpose of calculating financial aid disbursements. The main term census date is approximately 4 weeks after the term start date. Mini term census dates are 15 days from the term start date.

Students are required to attend and actively participate in their courses according to the syllabus, regardless of whether the course is in-person or online. Any courses reported as "Stopped Attending" or "Never Attended" are not counted in enrollment levels and are not eligible for A+ disbursement.

A snapshot of your enrollment status on the term's Census Date will determine if you have met the full-time requirement.

Dropped courses are not eligible for A+ funding, and payment for dropped courses is the responsibility of the student. Failure to pay for withdrawn course work will result in a hold being placed on your student account, prohibiting future registration and release of transcripts.

If full-time enrollment is maintained after dropping a course, allowing you to complete a minimum of 12 credit hours during a Fall/Spring semester or 6 credit hours during a Summer semester, A+ WILL NOT cover the cost of the withdrawn course(s). You are responsible for the tuition and fees for the withdrawn coursework and must make payment to SCC.

You may be eligible to receive A+ funding in subsequent terms, provided you meet all renewal requirements and have remaining A+ benefits.

If dropping a course(s) results part-time enrollment, preventing you from completing a minimum of 12 credit hours during a Fall/Spring semester or 6 credit hours during a Summer semester for which A+ was awarded, A+ WILL cover the cost of the withdrawn coursework, provided the course is eligible and you established active attendance/participation in the course on/after the term census date (end of 4th week of term).

  • You will be placed on A+ Suspension for subsequent term(s).
  • You will not be eligible to receive A+ funding while on A+ Suspension.
  • You may re-establish A+ eligibility by making up the number of credit hours to meet the full-time requirement.
  • You must also continue to meet all other A+ renewal requirements and have remaining A+ benefits.

The state of Missouri requires all A+ Scholarship students to complete a FAFSA for the academic year in which they will be attending (see chart below). Enter SCC school code: 017027.


Which FAFSA?

FAFSA priority deadline

FA Checklist priority deadline

Summer 2024


Apr 1, 2024

May 1, 2024

Fall 2024


Jun 1, 2024

Jul 1, 2024


Yes. Students must qualify for benefits for each term they are enrolled, and students will be responsible for any costs not covered by A+.

A+ benefits will expire when the first of the following occurs:

  • 48 months after high school graduation
  • Completion of an associate degree
  • Max hours of 105% of required hours for declared active program has been reached

A+ awards are subject to the availability of funds from the appropriate agencies and the laws and regulations which govern these programs, and thus are subject to change.

All awards are contingent on enrollment status, Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status, and the receipt and evaluation of official transcripts from all previously attended institutions (including high school). Students are responsible for reading, understanding, and complying with the policies in the SCC A+ Program Guidelines.


  • Complete an SCC Application for Admission.
  • Be seeking a financial aid-eligible degree or certificate at SCC.
  • Submit your official high school transcript with your A+ seal graduation date to SCC.
  • Transfer students must also submit their college transcripts and a Request for Evaluation of Transfer Credit form.
  • Complete your FAFSA by the deadlines below to avoid prepaying your tuition and fees.
  • Submit any additional verification documents requested by the Department of Education. (You will be notified via the mySCC Portal if your application must be verified prior to processing.)
  • Sign and accept your financial aid offer letter.
  • Enroll in the Nelnet Deferred Payment Plan. 

  • Be seeking a financial aid-eligible degree or certificate at SCC.
  • Update your financial aid file annually, including:
    • Your current FAFSA
    • Complete additional federal verification, if required
    • Submit any additional required documents specified by the Financial Aid office
  • Be enrolled and attending SCC full-time, unless granted an ADA exception.
  • Complete a full-time course load in the most recent prior term in which A+ funds were received. (Complete = letter grades A, B, C, D, F, P, R, I)
  • Maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA for each academic term.
  • Maintain a 67% cumulative completion rate for each academic term.
  • Enroll in the Nelnet Deferred Payment Plan each semester.


Contact the Financial Aid office: | 636-922-8601