Ali Farhadi

Ali Farhadi

Ali Farhadi

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Ali Farhadi was hesitant to pay for a four-year education after graduating from Francis Howell North High School because he never really prioritized academics in high school.

He decided St. Charles Community College would be his best choice. “My parents had worked so hard to get me to where I was in life,” he said. “I wanted to repay all their hard work by saving our family money where we could.”

While at SCC, Ali became passionate about his academic success. “I developed a sense of competitiveness in trying to be the top student in each and all of my classes,” he said.

His hard work paid off when he earned the SCC Chemistry Student of the Year Award. “I have never won any academic award in my life up until then,” he said. “I was working my hardest to catch up to everyone who thrived in their high school career and excelled at the beginning of their college career.”

Ali transferred to the University of Missouri after SCC, where he got involved in research and extracurricular activities.

He is currently a senior and plans to apply to dental school this summer.

“Whether you haven't been in college for a few years or are not the greatest student in college and/or high school currently, SCC can help you be the person you need to become in order to become your definition of successful,” he said.

Last updated: June 6. 2018

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