Lindsay Patterson

Lindsay Patterson

Lindsay Patterson

Alumni  |  Scholarship Recipients  |  Straight To SCC From High School  |  Transferred To Four-Year Institution

Lindsay Patterson was unsure of what she wanted to major in, so when she graduated early from high school in Jan. 2012, she thought going to St. Charles Community College made the most sense. 

“Both of my brothers did the A+ Program and attended SCC, so I always thought of it as an option for me, too,” Lindsay said. “Although I didn’t do A+, I was awarded the Trustees Scholarship, which paid my tuition for four semesters.” 

Lindsay stayed on track during her time at SCC. She became a member of Phi Theta Kappa and graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in May 2014.

After graduating, Lindsay headed to Washington University in St. Louis.

“My older brother went to University College at Washington University and told me how valuable the education was. Because I was in the Honors Program at SCC, I was awarded the Honors Scholarship which paid almost half of my tuition for four semesters.” 

During her time at WashU, Lindsay studied psychology and completed a two-semester high-level research project focusing on how orphaned, infant chimpanzees form relationships with other chimpanzees in their social group that facilitate their adoption, and in turn, their survival.  

Lindsay graduated with Latin Honors and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Washington University in May 2017.

“Graduation was kind of scary for me. I was proud of myself and what I had accomplished, but I knew that I had some student loan debt and wasn’t sure of what to do next.”

After graduation, Lindsay landed a job as an Advocacy Specialist at Missouri Protection and Advocacy Services. She plans on working full-time until she finds a graduate school program that suits her budget and interests. 

“My goal is doing the best I can at my current job and trying to figure out what I’d like to study in graduate school.”

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