Jessica Votava

Jessica Votava

Jessica Votava

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After 15 years of cosmetology, Jessica Votava decided to put down her scissors and pick up a stethoscope. After just one year of working towards the nursing program at SCC, Jessica couldn’t be happier with her drastic career change. 

“After years of styling hair and listening to clients’ needs and concerns, I decided that I belong in a hospital,” Votava said. “I want to improve my community’s quality of life. If someone isn’t feeling well, I want to help diagnose and figure out a solution.” 

Votava is currently taking general education courses at SCC and hopes to start the nursing program in 2017. 

“I chose SCC because of its affordability and how close it is to my house. My hobby is cycling, and SCC is close enough that I can ride my bike there every week. I love it!”

SCC has helped Votava realize how successful she can be and that hard work really pays off. 

“There are so many great resources available to students. I am in the ACE Tutoring Center every week, which has helped me keep my 4.0 GPA.”

Votava also credits her success to SCC faculty and staff.

“Professor Sadler’s lectures on the human body inspire me. All of the information she has taught has stuck with me and helped me do well in my other classes. You can tell she’s really passionate about her job.”

Because Votava is dedicated to help people feel better and live their lives to the fullest, her dream job is to be a nurse practitioner. She plans on attaining her dream by continuing her education after SCC. 

“After I complete SCC’s program I plan to transfer to a university to complete a BSN. I would then like to pursue an MSN and become a nurse practitioner. I plan to devote my life to school for many years to come.”

Last Updated: June 28, 2016

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