Josh York

Josh York

Josh York

Alumni  |  Straight To SCC From High School  |  Student  |  Transferred To Four-Year Institution

SCC alum, Josh York, started his college education as a traditional student after high school, but ended up having a very unique experience at SCC. He attended SCC for 10 years off and on, taking classes on the side that fit with his work schedule.

“I really liked the flexibility of the class times at SCC,” Josh said. “I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, so I spent most of those 10 years figuring it out. I dabbled in a lot of different subject areas before I discovered my interest in engineering.”

He was surprised that he enjoyed engineering so much since he had struggled with math his entire life. “When I was taking algebra at SCC as part of my general education course load, I realized math could be fun,” Josh said. “I had a teacher who actually taught in a way I understood. It just clicked.”

The overall quality of education at SCC really impressed Josh. “People sometimes underplay how good of a school SCC really is because it’s a community college,” said York. “That’s the wrong way to look at it. You can get a great education for a much better price.”

“I don’t know where I would be today if it hadn’t been for SCC, but I do know I ended up in a much better place because of the education I received there,” said Josh. “When I would take a semester off to focus on my labor job at the time, I would always come back because realized I wanted more for myself and my daughter. I’m so glad SCC never gave up on me.”

After graduating from SCC, Josh went on to get his bachelors degree at Washington University in St. Louis. From there he was recruited to work at a power development firm. “I am more well rounded after the wide variety of classes I took at SCC,” said York. “It is really paying off in my professional career.”

Josh's ties to SCC continue to grow years after graduating. His daughter is now a student at SCC and he has since taught some engineering courses at the college.

"Everything has come full circle," said York. 

Last updated: Feb. 4, 2016

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