SCC Alumni Band Finding Success and Fame

Published: 04/20/2021

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It's always been about the music for Logan and Jordan Sloan. The brothers have been at it since before middle school. 

In second grade, Logan Sloan met Logan Mohler and became fast friends. Their teacher paired them together in class solely because they had the same name and no other friends being new to the school. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Today, the Sloan brothers, Mohler and Jack McCoy are known as Hounds. The St. Louis-based folk rock band has had a rollercoaster (in a good way) experience since their time as students at St. Charles Community College. 

After graduating from Francis Howell Central High School, Jordan Slone, Logan Slone and Jack McCoy started pursuing their degrees at SCC. Each studied something a little different, though they all had the same plan for the future. 

“Even when we were taking on college courses," Jordan explained, "we had every intention to pursue music over anything else."

It's not to say they ignored their studies, but when a chance to play in front of a crowd came along - they jumped at it. 

"The performances we all took part in at SCC will always be some of our fondest memories," said Jordan. "With it being so close to home, we were able to make many new hometown friends and fans during those gigs." 

In 2019, things started moving fast. Hounds won the Who Will Rock You online band competition sponsored by Top Golf. In winning the competition, they received $50,000 and a deal with BMG, an international music company.

“It has been an emotional rollercoaster [since winning the competition],” stated Jordan. “Who Will Rock You and all the crew involved in the Top Golf performances treated us far greater than we could ever have asked for.”

As they navigate their deal with BMG and newest record, Cattle In The Sky, the band has taken a new shape.

“The record was built on a lot of energy and thoughtfulness from the band,” said Jordan. “We have had close to 14 years of development and musicianship alongside one another. So this is where we really get to start putting the work in.”

Hounds recently played a show at The Old Rock house in St. Louis. Seating was limited due to the pandemic. 

“It was wonderful; just being able to play in a familiar St. Louis venue was a delight,” said Jordan. “It was definitely a more pulse-pounding situation. There was no room for error – we had to approach the show like our lives depended on it. And that is exactly what we did.”

Though the band members still have their day jobs, they will continue to pursue their livelihood as musicians and consider the possibility of a full-time career in the music industry.

“We are extremely thankful for the friends and faculty we were able to get to know at SCC,” stated Jordan. “We are very excited about our futures, and we hope that anyone reading this article will be encouraged by seeing that individuals who have walked the halls of SCC are out in the world trying to make something of their lives.”

Hound's music and newest album, Cattle In The Sky, is available on all streaming platforms.

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