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The resources SCC receives enhance the SCC experience for students and teachers alike. With the help of our community and supporters, we are committed to providing an extraordinary learning environment.


Academic and program enhancements are made possible by proceeds raised at events and by individuals and corporations who are passionate about education.

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2018 Foundation-funded grants

3D printer filament
Students will get hands-on experience using a 3D printer thanks to help from the SCC Foundation in providing the filament for a 3D printer recently donated to the SCC library. Use of this new technology is increasing in the workforce, from manufacturing to medicine.
3D scanner for Workforce Development Manufacturing and Industrial Training
New 3D technology will benefit students in new SCC Workforce Development programs like manufacturing, supply chain logistics and welding, and prepare them for modern careers.
Assistive technology
Additional software and equipment that converts speech to text and text to speech will help provide an accessible environment for students who need assistance studying and taking exams.
Computer-aided language learning
Students learn in different ways and funding for software will provide computer-aided options for non-native speakers to learn English, both in credit and non-credit English as a Second Language programs.
Documentary showing of “Angst”
Students who may be reluctant to ask for help will have an opportunity to view this documentary on anxiety during SCC’s Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Week, and ask questions afterward of mental health professionals.
Math tournament
Foundation funds help to keep the entrance fees down for area high school students who participate in this math tournament during STEM week, the first week of March. The event is hosted by SCC’s Math Department in cooperation with the Great Plains Math League.
Medical Assisting Program equipment
Equipment for SCC’s new Medical Assisting Program ensures students are able to learn necessary skills required for certification, like sterilization, cardiac testing, pediatric and infant care.
Molecular models for Biology
These models foster active and hands-on learning in a classroom environment. They help students visualize the processes that happen at a cellular level and gain a better understanding of concepts like replication, transcription and translation.
Nightstands for beds in Nursing Assistant lab
Adding two nightstands between the beds in the classroom allows for personal care items to be stored just as they would be in the actual setting Certified Nursing Assistants will be working in
WiFi hotspots
Students who cannot afford access to the internet at home are able to check out WiFi hotspots from the SCC library, allowing them to complete their homework on their own timetable. An additional 10 hotspots will accommodate a waiting list of students who need them.

2018 Privately-funded grants

Chemistry analytical balances
Chemistry students at all academic levels will benefit from three new analytical balances used in the laboratory classroom. The current balances are used in several classes, multiple times per day, and are wearing from regular use by students.
Chemistry pH meters
Four new pH meters will allow for a growing number of chemistry students to use the equipment in the laboratory classoom. Access to these important instruments in the science field allows students to prepare for higher-level science courses and the workforce.

2018 Campus enhancements funded by Employee Sponsored Program

Campus events tables and table carts
With additional tables and table carts, SCC is now able to host large-scale events that benefit students (job fairs, college fairs, community expos and more) without an additional cost to rent them.
Electrical and IT wiring for International Education/Student Activities
Additional wiring made it possible to reorganize the shared space in the College Center so that a waiting area for international students and their families could be created while also maintaining computer access for all students.
Electronic charging stations
The addition of these charging stations to the Center for Healthy Living allows students who spend long periods of time there to charge devices they need for class, labs and simulation experiences.
Emergence brochure racks
Brochure racks were added to the Fine Arts Building to distribute information about cultural and entertainment options at SCC.
Music Department literature/sign holders
Music Department literature/sign holders were added to distribute information about Fine Arts programs to potential students.
Outdoor picnic bench
Outdoor seating was added at the Center for Healthy Living to provide a welcoming atmosphere and allow students a nearby place to study, eat, relax and socialize.
SCCougar Newspaper and website
These funds will help the Communications Department to restart the student newspaper in print and online versions. Students will have the opportunity to write and publish their work, and everyone on campus will benefit from learning about college and community events.
Seating for stress-less room
A quiet space has been created in the Administration Building with access to modalities to help students remain calm (soft music, comfortable seating and soothing lighting) and decompress after a difficult situation.
Student veteran lounge enhancements
The purchase of additional items such as a standing desk and DVD player allows student veterans a more accessible and supportive environment where they can study, collaborate and socialize.
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