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The resources SCC receives enhance the SCC experience for students and teachers alike. With the help of our community and supporters, we are committed to providing an extraordinary learning environment.


Academic and program enhancements are made possible by proceeds raised at events and by individuals and corporations who are passionate about education.

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2019 Foundation-funded grants

All-in-One student sign-in computers
New touch-screen computers will enable students to sign themselves in when they arrive to the newly combined office space for Enrollment Services and Academic Advising. The technology will allow staff from both areas to continue to use existing software to track visiting students, without requiring students to first speak to person at the front desk. This new kiosk model will help manage increased traffic, reduce wait time for students and allow front desk staff to better-serve students.
Academic Advising Registration Lab
Laptop computers will allow students to learn how to register themselves and access basic SCC resources right away, while in their first meeting with an advisor. In addition to helping with degree planning, advisors will show students how to register independently.
Computer headsets with microphones
Additional computer headsets will help English as a Second Language students practice English language skills on student computers in the ACE Tutoring Center. Students need them to interact with language and pronunciation software.
English as a Second Language materials
Oxford Picture Dictionaries and a cabinet for storage will be used by non-native students studying English in Academic ESL classes. The dictionaries will help students begin to learn and understand words.
Guest speakers for Democracy Days
Guest speakers for the annual SCC Democracy Days forum offer knowledge and perspectives students and other attendees might not otherwise be able to access. Democracy Days is an interdisciplinary forum with a mission to explore the history, health and functioning of democracy in America and abroad.
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectrometer upgrade
A computer upgrade will allow for a piece of chemistry equipment to be compatible with today’s technology. With a newer computer and USB interface, students can continue to use the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer to measure the quantity of substances and learn the concepts used for important medical procedures like the MRI.
Professional development subscription
Faculty and staff will continue to have access to the subscription service, “Magna Mentor Commons,” for professional development on a variety of topics, like distance education, teaching blended or flipped classes, teaching face-to-face classes, academic administration and teaching online.
Water refilling stations for Center for Healthy Living
By providing water filling stations on two of the drinking fountains at the Center for Healthy Living, students, faculty, staff and visitors will be able to refill water bottles and cups. Providing these refilling stations will reinforce the message of healthy and sustainable living.

2019 Privately-funded grants

Automatic digital blood pressure machine
This new training device will replace older equipment, allowing students to learn the essential skill of taking a patient’s blood pressure. Instructors will be able to determine students’ competency in determining blood pressure readings and students will be able to use the skills they learn in clinical settings.
Computer Numerically Controlled Router for Workforce Development Manufacturing Industrial Training
Today’s manufacturing environment demands a greater understanding and knowledge of advanced technologies. CNC is a part of this new setting. By integrating CNC technology into curriculum, we can better-train students on industryspecific equipment and systems used by our industrial partners in an advanced manufacturing environment. With this same technology, we can create teaching aids for a better academic learning experience.
Laparoscopic simulator
This equipment allows nursing students to practice both basic laparoscopic skills and advanced procedures they will use in the operating room. It includes camera navigation and may be used by an individual or team.
Math tournament
Foundation funds help to keep the entrance fees down for area high school students who participate in this math tournament during STEM week, the first week of March. The event is hosted by SCC’s Math Department in cooperation with the Great Plains Math League.
Molecular puzzles for Biology
These puzzles provide hands-on learning for students as they gain understanding of cell structure. The molecular puzzle kit contains plastic puzzle pieces that can be put together in a logical way, so they learn the correct structure of the major organic compounds.
Phlebotomy trainers
As students in Allied Health programs learn venipuncture and injection skills, this new intravenous injection training arm will allow them a realistic training experience for accuracy and efficiency while learning the proper procedures.
Piano class video equipment
Students pursuing an Associate of Fine Arts degree and others taking piano classes will benefit from a new camera that will give a better view of the instructor’s piano, so students learn and play on their own piano more quickly. Many students taking these classes learn visually, and the camera will help students to better-see the instructor’s demonstrations.
Resuscitation manikin trainers
These new manikins will allow students in Medical Assisting and Health Occupations programs, who are learning CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), to have access to the newest technology available. The additional manikins also will allow for all students in the classroom to be able to practice on their own manikins.

2019 Campus Enhancements funded by Employee Sponsored Program

Career Closet for Currently Enrolled SCC Students
A career closet project is now under way in Career Services to help students to build a professional wardrobe with donated clothing.
Charging Stations for Fine Arts Building
The addition of these charging stations allow students who spend long periods of time in the building for classes or rehearsals to charge devices they need (mobile phones, etc.)
Chemistry Model Kits and Parts
Models help students learn concepts in chemistry because they help students to see atoms and molecules on a much larger scale. These additional model kits allow more active classroom experiences for students, improving learning and retention.
Headsets and Radios for Backstage Theater Use
The devices will assist with productions and enhance the safety of students by allowing quick and effective communication between backstage areas, the audience, the sound booth and other areas in the building and parking lots.
Outdoor benches for Center for Healthy Living
Outdoor seating will be added at the Center for Healthy Living to provide a welcoming atmosphere and give students a nearby place to study, eat, relax and socialize.
Relaxation Station
Seating will be added to the front of the Learning Resource Center, for students to study or converse.
Science Student “Wall of Fame”
A wall display will allow science students to be recognized for their accomplishments, such as acceptance into summer research programs, internships or scholarship awards.
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