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A quick education on becoming a Cougar.

  1. Complete an Application for Admission. If you're an A+ Scholarship student, make sure you read this: Critical Information. Because, well, it's critical. Says so right there.
  2. Apply for Financial Assistance and Scholarships.

    (A+ Scholarship students, you'll need to get and stay in touch with the Financial Assistance Office and your academic counselor. You're required to see an Academic Counselor each time you add or drop courses.)
  3. Activate your MySCC portal and check it frequently for alerts
  4. Send all High School and College Transcripts as well as ACT Scores.
  5. Take the Academic Skills Assessment if necessary.

    If you are currently a high school student or graduated in the last 3 years, please bring a copy of your high school transcript and ACT scores with you in case they're not already loaded into our system.

  6. A couple of things you need to know:
    • If you placed high enough in one subject to waive the assessment test, but not in another, you'll need to take the assessment test for that particular subject area.
    • ACT Scores and High School GPA's are valid for three years.
  7. Schedule an appointment with an academic advisor and register for classes. You'll go over your test results together and your academic counselor will help you select courses.

  8. Pay Tuition and Fees in Full. We hate to see anyone dropped from a course for non-payment of tuition, but that's what will happen if it isn't paid in full by the due date.

    Once you've been admitted to SCC, you can save time and pay online via mySCC.

    Tuition/Fee information. In-District and Out-of-District Information.
  9. Get your Picture ID and Parking Tag. Picture IDs and parking tags are issued at the Café-Bookstore during the first two weeks of each semester. At all other times, you can get an ID or parking tag in the Campus Services Building.
  10. Buy your Textbooks.

Print out or download a wallet-size checklist.

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