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Sometimes the best way to know where you stand is to take a test. Whether you have chosen to take the HiSET® to be college ready or you want to be ready for the math assessment test, we've got the support you need to be ready to go.

High School Equivalency Preparation and Testing (HiSET)   |  You CAN Do College Math!

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High School Equivalency Preparation and Testing (HiSET®)

Free HiSET® classes provide preparation for high school equivalency testing, as well as basic instruction in reading, writing and math.

HSE Preparation

High School Equivalency (HSE) classes are available for Missouri residents who are 17 or older and not enrolled in high school. Classes meet twice per week for 3 hours. You must complete registration (see below) before you attend class. Classes meet from August through May. We enroll new students each month from August to March.

ELIGIBILITY: To register, students must be at least 17 years old, not enrolled in high school, must have a Missouri address, and must not be in the U.S. on an F-1 (student) Visa.
17-year-olds recently unenrolled from high school should bring a drop letter from the school to registration.

PLEASE NOTE: Children are not permitted in Adult Education registration or class sessions.

Limited Exceptions for 16-Year-Olds
  • Public school students who have earned 16 high school credits must provide two documents to enroll:
    • A letter from the school that includes the date the student dropped out.
    • A transcript or other official verification from the school that the student has successfully completed 16 credits of high school work.
  • Homeschooled students who have at least 1000 hours of high school level home education must meet the requirements of 167.031 RSMo for course instruction and have written permission of the parent or legal guardian indicating compliance.

HSE Registration

In-person HSE registration sessions are held at St. Charles Community College’s main campus in Cottleville, at the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt building in Troy, and at the Missouri University Extension Center in Warrenton (details below).

Students must attend one registration session for orientation and initial assessment testing to determine HiSET® readiness prior to class attendance. This initial assessment provides information for an individual learning plan. You do not need an appointment to attend registration, but you must be on time and complete the full session to be enrolled into a class. Early arrival is encouraged. HiSET classes will be offered both face-to-face and virtually, subject to availability.

HISET Registration Schedule
2023-2024 School Year

Morning Registration Sessions (for morning classes)
You must be on time and complete the session to be enrolled into classes

Month Time Location
Nov. 6 or 13 9 a.m.-1 p.m.  Schnare Library, Room 148
Dec. 4 or 11 9 a.m.-1 p.m.  Schnare Library, Room 148
Jan. 8 or 22 9 a.m.-1 p.m.  Schnare Library, Room 148
Feb. 12 9 a.m.-1 p.m.  Schnare Library, Room 148
March 4 or 11* 9 a.m.-1 p.m.  Schnare Library, Room 148

*Last morning registration for the 23-24 school year

Evening Registration Sessions (for evening classes)
You must be on time and complete the session to be enrolled into classes

Month Time Location
November 7 or 14 5:30-9:30 PM Schnare Library, Room 148
December 5 or 12 5:30-9:30 PM Schnare Library, Room 148
January 9 or 23 5:30-9:30 PM Schnare Library, Room 148
February 13 or 20 5:30-9:30 PM Schnare Library, Room 148
March 5 or 12* 5:30-9:30 PM Schnare Library, Room 148

*Last evening registration for the 23-24 school year


TROY Registration Sessions
February 1 or February 22; 9 am-1 pm
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing
200 Academic Way (Off 3rd Street)
Troy, MO 63379

WARRENTON Registration Sessions
January 31 or February 21; 9 am-1 pm
Missouri University Extension Center 
107 W. Walton
Warrenton, MO 63383

2023-2024 HSE Class Schedule and Locations

We offer both face-to-face classes or instructor-led virtual classes, subject to availability.

Morning Classes

Monday & Wednesday; 9 a.m.-Noon
Tuesday & Thursday; 9 a.m.-Noon

Evening Classes

Monday & Wednesday; 6-9 p.m.
Tuesday & Thursday; 6-9 p.m.

2023-24 HSE Class Locations

Face-to-face classes will be held at St. Charles Community College as well as the Troy, St. Charles and Warrenton locations. We also have limited instructor-led virtual classes that will be held on Zoom. Students must attend a registration session at St. Charles Community College before class attendance.

Integrated Education & Training Classes

To enroll in an IET class, students must be registered in an English as a Second Language or High School Equivalency class. These classes may have a tuition charge and/or eligibility requirements. Tuition assistance may be available. Call 636-922-8313 for information.

Certified Logistics Technician/Certified Logistics Associate

An industry specialist will introduce students to the basics of logistics in CLA (Certified Logistics Associate) and expand on those concepts in CLT(Certified Logistics Technician to be successful in all areas of logistic environments. The class will meet two evenings per week; TBD.

HiSET® Testing

To register for the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET®), go to https://hiset.org. The HiSET® is a computer-based test made up of 5 subject area tests which are scheduled separately. HiSET® tests are normally administered every business day in the St. Charles Community College Assessment Center (636-922-8629) according to appointments created on the HiSET® website on the "Take" tab. Practice tests can be found on the "Prepare" tab. When you have passed all 5 subject area tests, you will receive a certificate of High School Equivalence from the Missouri Department of Education. The total cost for all 5 subject area tests is $98.75. Test retakes are available for a small fee. Test results appear in your account on the HiSET® website within 3-10 business days. Please see the HiSET website for more information. 

You CAN Do College Math!

Are you struggling to test into MAT 096 and beyond? Our FREE math program will help you move up the math ladder with a hands-on, personalized class designed to help you overcome obstacles that have kept you from succeeding in the past. Students work in small groups to master the topics they need. Build a foundation to master math!

Topics Include:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Percentages

Math classes meet two afternoons per week:

Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday; 1-4 p.m.

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