Diversity & Inclusion

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As a reflection of our institutional commitment to diversity and inclusion, St. Charles Community College has created a Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan based upon continuous assessment and improvement principles to impact campus culture and transformation. The ongoing and evolving Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan is responsive to our campus community climate, articulated goals and objectives. The campus-wide Diversity and Inclusion Council, comprised of students, faculty and staff and led by the Chief Diversity Officer, will champion strategic oversight and initiatives, while leadership will provide campus-wide accountability.

Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

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SCC’s Diversity Certificate offers students an opportunity to exhibit their specialized experience with diversity while acquiring their general education. It indicates that students have participated in college-level academic discourse on topics such as age, race, gender, disabilities, and culture. These may encompass Gender Studies, Diaspora Studies (Black, Indian, Native American Indian and Jewish Studies, for example), Disabilities Studies, and Regional Studies.

Check out Contemporary Fiction – LGBT LiteraturePsychology of Hate or Introduction to Global Studies

College 101 also features a section on Diversity!

Check out the Diversity Certificate of Specialization

Diversity C.S.


SCC’s Annual Staff In-Service in 2017 featured Denise DeCou, Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Content Delivery and Program Delivery. Ms. DeCou presented Diversity 1.0 and 2.0, with a focus on "Awareness" by examining culture and "Understanding" with a focus on unconscious bias.

During Fall semester Ms. DeCou delivered Diversity 3.0 and 4.0. The focus of 3.0 and 4.0 was Commitment and Action.

Lunch and Learn sessions are offered monthly during Sept., Oct., Nov., Feb., March and April. 

Join us for a lively discussion on current issues related to Diversity and Inclusion.

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Off Campus Diversity & Inclusion Events


19% of SCC students self identify as minorities.
Over 120 International Students from 37 different countries are enrolled at SCC.
Last year SCC’s Disability Support Services worked with over 650 students.
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