POL 220 Mid East Politics

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Useful Links

US Foreign Policy Links  --includes articles on 9/11

Mideast Peace Links

Iraq & the Axis of Evil


Interesting Articles: 

Read this exerpt from President G.H.W. Bush's book on why NOT to go to war with Iraq

Clash of Civilizations  --Christian Science Monitor discusses Islam and Christianity 

Prophet of Hope     --England's chief Rabbi discusses how to avoid a Clash of Civilizations   

What is Terrorism?  -- Do the "You Decide" exercise, looking at all 5 scenarios

Democracy in The Mideast -- CS Monitor

The US & Israel -- CS Monitor gives a history of US involvement in that conflict

UN Resolution 242:   Jewish Virtual Library  & MidEast Web

Israel's Wall :  CNN & CS Monitor discuss the implications


Video Clips

Bush, Religion & Foreign Policy

ABC's Interview with soldiers after the attack on Bob Woodruff

Lawrence of Arabia clip -- Also, check out PBS' websites on Islam: Empire of Faith and Lawrence of Arabia

Chomsky on Colonial violence




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